Holiday Sound Effects

These aren't your average foley tracks

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We know that the holidays aren’t always like Norman Rockwell paintings–real life is much weirder. Funny and weird, for that matter. We picked the best SFX for the holidays’ perfect and not so perfect moments. Whether you’re working on a special video, producing a festive album, or are just looking for a laugh, these foley sound effects are sure to get you in the spirit.

Wind Element Scary Ghostly
Wind Element Scary Ghostly (0:11) - Details


Indie-Rock mit dramatische Eröffnung
Indie-Rock mit dramatische Eröffnung (2:47) - Details
Holzplatte Holzplatte Tropfen
Holzplatte Holzplatte Tropfen (0:02) - Details
Kleine Rollen Can
Kleine Rollen Can (0:03) - Details
DNA-Traum 60
DNA-Traum 60 (1:00) - Details
Genome Project 30
Genome Project 30 (0:30) - Details


Öffne deine Augen
Öffne deine Augen (5:19) - Details
Holz-Tropfen (0:01) - Details
Brilliant Plan 60
Brilliant Plan 60 (1:00) — Details


Growing Business 60
Growing Business 60 (1:00) — Details
Falling Wooden Piece On Wooden Surface
Falling Wooden Piece On Wooden Surface (0:13) — Details
Holz-Tropfen (0:01) - Details
Lange Horror Eerie Build Up
Lange Horror Eerie Build Up (3:15) - Details
Galactic Sterne
Galactic Sterne (3:39) - Details
Holz-Tropfen (0:00) - Details
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